Virtual Postpartum Doula Services

$200 a month

What’s included:

happy mom in Postpartum Doula Services
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As a virtual postpartum doula I can help by:

virtual postpartum doula services

Think of the four sessions as a safe space to talk about whatever you would like. You will always be met with understanding and respect.

Prepared to Thrive In Postpartum Course

$200 total

What’s included:

mom taking Postpartum Course online

This class series teaches you how to care for your new baby. More importantly, it will teach you how to care for yourself in the postpartum period.

This is probably the only newborn prep class that has such a big emphasis on YOU! Because honestly, taking care of a baby is pretty easy. The hard part is not letting yourself get in your own way. There is a total mindset shift you need to have so you can navigate this new journey with grace. 

We will focus on overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, stepping into the empowered mom mindset, dealing with triggers, as well as creating a personalized plan for your postpartum. And of course, we will work on newborn care so you can confidently step into life with your newborn.

Since this is a private course, it is tailored to your needs and concerns. You are free to ask any and all questions.

By the end of the four sessions, you can expect to be:

The calm in the storm

Able to acknowledge your needs & communicate effectively to get them met

Ready to take on the demands of a newborn

Confident in the decisions you make for your family

Less anxious about what the future holds

I believe everyone deserves to have help during the postpartum period. If money is an issue please reach out. I can provide sliding scale pricing.

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